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Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

“Winter is coming” and along with storing up on the “four main food groups – candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup” – there is one thing  we should consider when it gets “cold as frozen iron”.

As you plug in your portable heaters, make sure you don’t overload your circuits!

An overload can cause a trip in your breaker or a blown fuse. Some people may think surge protectors don’t have any effect on this problem, but in fact they would only add to it. Too much power running through surge protectors or cord extensions are a fire hazard and illegal for most commercial properties to have.

No heater is “worth melting for”. If you are having a problem, try unplugging other electrical devices and purchase low wattage equipment to limit the power running through your system.

If your power limits are still too low and you need a new circuit system, feel free to call LE Electric for an update!