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Information at the Speed of Light

Information at the Speed of Light

We’ve heard the name, but what are they and which will prove a better fit for your home or business?

Fiber Optics are glass wires that transmit light and data.  They are used for communications, entertainment, internet systems, etc. Fiber Optics are reliable, long lasting, and can ‘carry’ large amounts of data over long distances.

Data Cables are copper wiring and can do the same thing as Fiber Optics, but on a smaller scale. Less data, less distance and less speed. It’s great for home use, but if you have a media business or large scale data requirements, Data Cables may not be for you.

Our service department is BICSI certified, meaning we meet the nations standard for cabling design and installation aka technology systems.  If you have questions, which to receive an estimate, or would like us to work on your property, feel free to give us a call. We would be delighted to help.