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What do you do?

To fully explain what we do, first we should go over who we are. LE Electric is a family company that contains Journeyman Electricians, Apprentice Electricians, Electrical Contractors, and Electrical Engineers.     Apprentice Electricians are Journeyman Electricians in training. Here at LE Electric we send our boys off to the IEC and give them […]

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Information at the Speed of Light

We’ve heard the name, but what are they and which will prove a better fit for your home or business? Fiber Optics are glass wires that transmit light and data.  They are used for communications, entertainment, internet systems, etc. Fiber Optics are reliable, long lasting, and can ‘carry’ large amounts of data over long distances. […]

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The Difference in Lighting

This morning I decided to have a little sit down with Bryan and asked him some basic questions we should all be asking. I know how complicated lighting and electrical work may seem, but we are here to simplify it for you. What is LED and how is it different than the lights I use […]

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