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The Difference in Lighting

The Difference in Lighting

This morning I decided to have a little sit down with Bryan and asked him some basic questions we should all be asking. I know how complicated lighting and electrical work may seem, but we are here to simplify it for you.

What is LED and how is it different than the lights I use now?

LED is a Light Emitting Diode. It requires no filament and uses a semi-conductor as a light source. When we say “LED is more efficient” we mean:

  • It doesn’t burn out like other bulbs, instead it fades
    • The oldest LED is from the 1970’s and is still in working order!
  • It is more pointed and directed
    • With old 100W light bulbs 10W produced light and 90W produced heat. With LED lights 90W produce light and 10W produce heat!

From most efficient to least efficient how would you rank different light bulbs?

What does it mean to be Energy Efficient?

When we say Energy Efficient we mean that a device or action is getting the most out of the power used. When we look at light and Energy Efficiency we look at Lumens/Watt or Units of light/units of power.


What is KWh?

KWh means Kilowatts per Hour we use it to determine if you are saving or losing energy.

How does Energy Efficiency help me?

Being Energy Efficient reduces your bottom line and carbon footprint. When you go green, you save green.

For more information head on over to our Energy Efficiency Division or contact us today!