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The IEC and LE Electric

The IEC and LE Electric

Dedicated to education and providing our community members with opportunities,

LE Electric supports the IEC and assures all our employees the best education we can offer.

The IEC (independent Electrical Contractors Association) is the primary trade association

for electrical and systems contractors within the nation. They believe in Open Shop: a

philosophy that promotes the concept of free enterprise, open competition and economic

opportunity for all. LE Electric currently has 11 apprentices within the IEC program.

We are also privileged to have Alan Quigley on staff who also serves with the IEC as a teacher.

Alan Quigley, a former graduate at the IEC and NMSU, has worked with the IEC for 12 years and

LE Electric 19 years. From teaching 3rd year students about grounding, blue print reading and

motor controls to participating in committees with the school, Alan believes in helping students

succeed, fitting in well with LE Electric’s goals. All apprentices and employees are given the chance

to participate in the IEC program. Tuition is covered by LE, the only thing we ask is for their very best.