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What do you do?

What do you do?

To fully explain what we do, first we should go over who we are. LE Electric is a family company that contains Journeyman Electricians, Apprentice Electricians, Electrical Contractors, and Electrical Engineers.



Apprentice Electricians are Journeyman Electricians in training. Here at LE Electric we send our boys off to the IEC and give them the opportunity to gain experience in the field.


Journeyman Electricians are fully trained and ready to go. Whether you are a commercial or industrial business or a home owner, LE Electricians can help you with panel upgrades, Motor and PLC controls, outlets, generators, light fixtures and so much more.


Electrical Contractors can also help with the maintenance of electrical systems, but they can also install them from scratch. No matter what you are building our guys can bring it to life with the power it needs.


Electrical Engineers help design and manufacture electrical systems and equipment, evaluate problems, meet specifications and codes, and produce custom solutions.


Besides our experts in electricity we also have a great supportive team. With mechanics, shop managers, office managers and administrative assistants we are prepared to serve you quality.



As you can probably tell, when we say Full-Service, we mean Full-Service.