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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

L-E Electric has had a busy year and we are about to have a busier one!

We have plenty of projects finishing up in 2019 and are happy to announce the beginning of even bigger developments!

Our top current ventures this year include:

  • The Roadrunner Street Expansion. The City of Las Cruces will be expanding the roadrunner parkway with L-E installing and maintaining all new and energy efficient street lighting.  (picture of street Lighting)
  • Willow Springs Phase II. The Willow Springs Apartment Complex was a new construction project that began in 2018, phase one is complete and now we are ready for phase II, the construction of 9 new buildings! (picture of Complex progression)
  • Virgin Galactic Space Station. This site is the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. L-E Electric has had the privilege on working within this project from the Launch Pad and Communication Building to the Fuel Farm. We have loved watching this project grow.

Providing opportunities for our team, expanding our range and the types of projects we take on have always been a part of L-E Electric’s goals. We are happy to say we have met them with these upcoming projects.

  • The Las Cruces Regional Medical Center: L-E Electric has been granted the task of constructing this hospital from the ground up in partnership with McCarthy Construction. Las Cruces’ newest hospital will be a total of 164,000 Sq. Ft. The high-quality hospital’s layout consists of two buildings that includes surgical suits, labs, an emergency room, pharmacy and more.  This will be a grand addition to our community in 2020.
  • The West Star Tower at Hunt Plaza. In partnership with Moss & Associates and Hunt Companies, L-E Electric is starting our tallest project yet! At 300 ft tall, 20 stories high, this high rise will be the tallest building in El Paso once completed. This large project will help us provide opportunities for our team & community and when the tower is completed in 2020, it will continue to provide jobs within the city, housing the corporate office of a regional bank.